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Bounce Me Up


This is a Fun, Fast and Highly addictive game which seems deceptively simple but can provide hours of challenge and enjoyment to you. In this game, various sized balls "fall" from the top and your goal is prevent them from falling all the way through using a "platform" on which the balls bounce. After a ball bounces 5 times on the platform, it disappears. You win by making all the balls disappear (hit them each 5 times) and then move on the next level for a bigger challenge.
What's even more fun is that as you play this game, you quickly start accumulating mPoints / mPlus Rewards - which can be redeemed for real gift certificates from Amazon / Walmart / Best Buy etc. You get 1 mPoint for every ball you knock out (for the first 100 balls) and for winning a level, you get mPoints equal to that level (till level 15) - For example, if you win Level 15, you get 15 mPoints. In fact, you can earn more than 225 mPoints everyday by playing this game !
Now, for some royal heavy duty disclaimers that our lawyers insisted on (or they wouldn't let us release the app !!). This App is only intended as a casual app. If you do decide to use it, it is at your own risk. The developer makes no warranties about the functionality in this app or any accuracy in the information provided and the app is provided "as is". Any liabilities, whether direct or implied are expressly rejected and by downloading the application, you release the developer and any associated entities from ALL liabilities. If you do not agree, please do not download the game.
Whew, with that of the way, go ahead, download the app, enjoy it and keep Bouncin' !